L’histoire de Julie

South Shore, QC

In 2006, I have a mole analyzed on the thigh that has changed in appearance and itches. I undergo a complete excision and the pathologist concludes to a benign nevi. In 2009, I suddenly become very sick and during a visit to the emergency department, we discover a small bowel mass and I am operated by laparotomy.

I have complications because of a second undetected metastasis. We discover that this is a metastasized melanoma from the naevus analyzed in 2006. Survival prognosis was very dark. I have always wanted to fight this disease, I slammed the door to resilience from the beginning and I went back to training for small marathons. Until the return of the boomerang in 2010. We then detect the appearance of metastases to the colon and the abdominal aorta and I must be operated again.

I finally agree with the protocol on Vémurafenib phase 3. The side effects are very intense, however the treatment proves its effectiveness. Sixteen months later, the scans show a remission. It’s a huge relief. I am still today this protocol, it is considered that it would be risky to finish it. I am privileged to have celebrated my 40th birthday just recently. My partner has been with me all along this bumpy journey and we have a girl who is now 7 years old.

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